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Traditional Chinese martial arts instruction in Vancouver since 1987

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School Announcements

Upcoming One-Year Beginner Taiji ClassThis is a one-year class. Students will learn a beginner Taiji 24 fist form, a beginner 32 Taiji sword form, and some basic pushhands techniques.

Class starts when minimum number of registrants of 20 is met, Mon, 7-8pm
Upcoming Liu He Ba Fa (Water style) Sword classLiu He Ba Fa Sword is a sword form utilizes the techniques and skills of Liu He Ba Fa style. Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style) is one of the major internal style martial arts. It originally passed down from generation to generation only to a handful of gifted and chosen students with exemplary courage and moral character. Liu He Ba Fa literally means Six Harmonies and Eight Principles. It utilizes the power of Xingyi as its center, utilizes the stepping patterns of Bagua for its turning and spinning, and utilizes the neutralizing power of Taiji for its variations. Its movements are sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. These movements resemble that of floating clouds, and flowing water that is sometimes calm, sometimes surging. Therefore, it is also known as Water Style.

Class starts on Dec 8th, 2016, Thur, 7-8pm
Wuji Xiao Yao System ClassOne year has passed. This class is now available for registration again. This is a one-year training class taught by Grandmaster Shouyu Liang. Training includes Dapeng Qigong, Iron Shirt Conditioning, Xiao Yao Na grappling form and Wuji Form.

Class starts on Nov 22st, 2016, every Tue 7-8:15pm.
Upcoming New Qigong ClassQigong most often refers to the art and science of using breath, posture, movement, and/or sound to cleanse, refine, accumulate and circulate Qi in the body.Through the cultivation and regulation of body, mind, breathing, and vocalization, our resistance to disease, adaptability to the external environment, and immunity to pathogenic influences is strengthened. With a strong immune system, diseases are prevented, creating a state of super health, vitality, and youthfulness for the practitioner.
Qigong class will be covering varies types of Qigong such us Health Maintenance, Daoist and Buddhist Qigong

Sat class starts on Oct 29th, 2016, Sat, 2-3pm
Thur class starts on Dec 1st, 2016, Thur, 5-6pm
Tue ONE-YEAR class starts when minimum number of registrants of 20 is met, Tue, 6-7pm
Tue Advance Daoist Qigong starts on Jan 3rd, Tue, 5-6pm