Water Style Boxing - Liu He Ba Fa Part 1

Water Style Boxing - Liu He Ba Fa Part 1

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Water Style Boxing - Liu He Ba Fa Part 1

Featuring: Helen Liang

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40 minutes
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Liu He Ba Fa Part 1: Water Boxing is one of the highest forms of internal martial arts, originally passed down from generation to generation only to a handful of gifted and chosen students with exemplary courage and moral character. Its formal title, Liu He Ba Fa, literally means Six Harmonies and Eight Principles. It is often compared to the three major internal styles for possessing Tai Chis neutralizing skills, Baguas elusive footwork, and Xingyis power, but in truth, it is a style on to its own. Its movements resemble floating clouds and flowing water, sometimes calm, sometimes surging. As an internal art, not only serves as a system of self defense; it also benefits health, strengthens the body, dispels sickness and increases longevity. In this dvd,

Master Helen Liang will go through the complete set, then break into four sections for ease of learning.