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School Announcements

New Simplified Tai Chi For Beginner 24 form DVD by Master Helen Liang is now available!In this DVD Master Helen Liang is not only giving beautiful demonstration of the form, she also presents thorough teaching on the basics of Taichi, movement details and applications. Simplified Tai Chi 24 for Beginners DVD is the perfect way to experience the amazing health benefits of a shortened tai chi form, no matter your current fitness level.
Upcoming Chen Style 56 Compulsory Routine classChen style Taiji is known for its silk reeling power and steady footwork. Chen Style 56 is a compulsory routine which was compiled by Chinese Sport Committee based on the traditional Chen style No 1 and No 2 routine. .

Class starts May 16, 2016, Mon, 6-7pm
Upcoming Taiji class- Beginner 24 Form24 Form Taiji is a simplified Taijiquan routine that was developed by the Chinese Sports Comission in 1956. It is based on the Yang style traditional Taijiquan which consists of 24 movements. It is a great form for Taiji beginners.

Thur class starts on Jan 7th, 2016, 6-7pm
Sat class starts on Jan 9th, 2016. 3-4pm
Upcoming New Qigong ClassQigong most often refers to the art and science of using breath, posture, movement, and/or sound to cleanse, refine, accumulate and circulate Qi in the body.Through the cultivation and regulation of body, mind, breathing, and vocalization, our resistance to disease, adaptability to the external environment, and immunity to pathogenic influences is strengthened. With a strong immune system, diseases are prevented, creating a state of super health, vitality, and youthfulness for the practitioner.
Qigong class will be covering varies types of Qigong such us Health Maintenance, Daoist and Buddhist Qigong

Tue class started to on July 7th, 2015, Tue, 5-6pm. This is a One-Year Qigong program.
Sat class starts on Jan 2nd, 2016, Sat, 2-3pm
Thur class starts on Feb 25th, 2016, Thur, 5-6pm