A Buddhist Protection Qigong Method

By Tony Bujas

Buddhist Qigong


PI JA: Use Armour to FU SUN: Protect Our Body to FA: Way/Method
(Buddhist Qigong Method, to protect you: Protects against Bad Qi, Evil, Fears, etc.)

2 Movements:
- one you do before you go somewhere,
- the other you do before sleep to protect yourself when sleeping.


Method 1: (Anytime)

Clasp hands, fingers interlaced, (your right thumb is closest to your body, right thumb on top of left thumb).

Say the mantra - "OM BO RU LAN JAY LEE" - 7 times.

With your clasped hands, touch:
- your In-Tang (Third Eye)
- your Throat
- your Heart
- your Left Shoulder
- your Right Shoulder
- and your In-Tang again.

Separate your hands, letting them naturally rest by your sides.

Visualize, Imagine, Meditate, Think On, yourself or your spiritual protector (Indestructible, Brave,Courageous, Virtuous, Immovable) being above you and splitting into 5: 1 above, 1 in front, 1 behind, 1 on the right side, 1 on the left side.

The spiritual high-level protector from heaven protects you all around, surrounds you, cares foryou,(Please cometo help me you ask it and thank it). Qi surrounds you. Strong mind (thinking) protects you. Good protection on the right path - True Qi, Right Qi, Zen Qi, protects you (during all your daily activities).

Method 2: (For Sleep time.)

Lie on your right side. Say 7 times "OM BO RU LAN JAY LEE". Now think/visualize your throat and a red coloured light energy going out from your throat and surrounding your whole body, protecting your whole body. (Can extend it to your room, house, your family etc.) This strong light energy covers & protests you while you sleep. Sleep now.

Sleep Well! Pleasant Dreams!

The above is taken from my personal class notes. For more information on this subject refer to the book Qigong Empowerment by Master Shou-Yu Liang & Wen-Ching Wu. See "Armor Protection From Negative Energies" on pages 155 & 156.